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Police Officers and members of their respective communities know that peace in any neighborhood cannot be achieved without a strong partnership amongst one another. In recent years, divisive tactics have been used by corrupt politicians, and various media groups, to exploit and discredit the well-earned, and highly valued relationships that have long been maintained between police and the citizens they serve. The United States is predominantly comprised of good, hard-working, and law-abiding citizens who value their community, and strive to improve the lives of their families. Our cops are no different.

Our advocacy for our membership remains steadfast, regardless of the political agenda of the day. Our dedicated law enforcement professionals should be able to have faith that the risks that they take to protect others, will always be met with resounding community support. Our organization exists to strengthen those community ties, defend our officers' Constitutional rights, and support their families in times of need. We make these tasks our priority because we know that building a strong police officer is the first step in building a strong community.

President Nicholas Rhodes
Tri-County Lodge 52

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