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Yearly membership dues are currently $183 per year. An additional processing fee of $7.13 is added to all online payments by year. If you are paying membership dues in full by credit card, just click below. Yearly dues cover membership from January through December of each year. Yearly dues for the next calendar year are collected in October.

Monthly payments are currently $15.25 per month unless you join during the calendar year. Mid-year applications may cause monthly fees to vary. Monthly dues must be paid by the 1st of every month to avoid being placed on inactive status.


*As of January, 2023 monthly payments are exclusively collected through bank draft. Please contact any member of the Executive Board to enroll in this option.

Yearly dues for retired members are currently $50.00. Online payments require an additional fee of $5.00 to cover transfer fees from PayPal

* Retirees, by order of the National Lodge, are not eligible for the FOP Legal Defense Plan


Subject to terms, conditions, limitations and other exclusions, the FOP Legal Defense Plan is designed specifically to cover exposures that active law enforcement officers face every day. The FOP Legal Defense Plan will pay legal defense costs for covered duty-related administrative disciplinary actions, criminal, and civil (excess) lawsuits, including grand jury proceedings. The Legal Defense Plan coverage is a benefit of FOP membership. Available options and more details can be found at

Eligibility: You must be an FOP member in good standing, employed by a federal, state or local government law enforcement agency, or employed by a law enforcement entity operated by a private college/university, private railroad or Native American tribal government (with some restrictions).

All applications for legal defense must be filed with your local lodge for approval prior to contacting an attorney. For a list of authorized attorneys, please click the link below:

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